Kelly Auty



Backwards in High Heels.
Melbourne Cabaret Festival 2016

The title of Kelly Auty: Backwards in High Heels seems to reference a quote on Ginger Rogers doing everything dance partner Fred Astaire did, but with an extra degree of difficulty. The gentle link between the two was a series of brief mentions of how female singers from the 1950s to the 80s overcame hardships to become stars, each followed by Auty’s recreations of their songs.

The style of the performance caused me some surprise. Cabaret Festival audiences have come to expect more reinterpretation or exploration of famous songs, coupled with a sharing of some personal relationship to the material. Instead, Auty offered tracks from a range of styles, and good imitations of well-known performers including Bette Midler, Joni Mitchell, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner.

Her band of Boris Conley on piano, Nick Carrafa on drums and percussion, Max McIntosh on bass, and Brendan Mason on guitar, produced a solid set, hitting a particularly good groove on the blues and jazz numbers.

Some careful thought has gone into the diverse programme. I particularly appreciated that the offerings went beyond just the biggest hits of the performers covered. Also, the material took in some singers whose works don’t often feature on the cabaret festival stage, such as Miriam Makeba and blues artists Odetta and Pearl Bailey.

If you had hoped for costume changes, Auty seemed determined to break some sort of record here as she quick-changed her way through various outfits to suit the next song’s era: “It’s all about the frocks” she quipped. While Backwards in High Heels isn’t about to breach any new frontiers in Cabaret, it’s a fun show performed well, that’s suitable for all ages.

Kelly Auty and her band packed their two shows at Melbourne Cabaret Festival 2016 into one day. If you missed them, the group seem quite happy to take their show on the road, with various performances coming up in Victorian regional centres.

Chapel off Chapel. Prahran. Melbourne  |   25 June 2016   |

International Country Music Magazine


I have probably been exposed to a lot of music in my life, however, upon discovering Kelly Auty and her album "Falling for you" I think I have found the goldmine of country superstars. Throughout the entire album she sings the songs like I have been listening to her all my life. She brings life into all the songs on this beautifully packaged CD.

This is very well produced album and I fell in love with almost every song I heard. From the song "Everything to me" to "Falling" and "All we Got". Her sound is unmatched and made me believe there is really superb music artists out there. This lady has a sense of style and sound that really lives up to what music and talent mixed together should sound like. I was astounded to hear the everlasting smooth sound of her sexy but real style she brings to the microphone when she sings the songs on this album.

The one song that brought real feelings for myself was "You Can't Stop Love", yet another reason to continue my quest to find and review the most talented artists around the globe and actually write about them. Kelly proves that talent is out there, you just need to look and find it. I am very proud to have written a review for her album and this is a must for any person that is out looking for just that sound, in my opinion Kelly Auty has it and I found it. I look forward to hearing more of her in the future.

Steven F. Adams, Writer at International Country Music Magazine (c) 2016 used by permission

Singing Student

"Studying with Kelly as her singing student I realised that she strikes the ideal balance between confidence building, reassurance, affirmation and challenging technical insight. She is an excellent communicator using easy to visualize concepts to explain complicated anatomical technique.

Positivity just radiates out of her. She is so obviously passionate about her vocation and it is totally infectious.

I had some bad technical singing habits which she has helped me overcome with love and humour and grace – the most efficient and supportive of coaches. I would not hesitate to recommend Kelly to anyone considering vocal tuition."


Professional Musician

"Kelly Auty is, in my opinion, one of Australia's top female vocalists and performers and one of the nicest people you will ever hope to meet. Having worked with Kelly and as a recording artist in the studio, her methods, manner and work ethic are second to none. She is a peerless vocalist and I watched in awe as she sang note perfect harmonies for eight hours. An absolute professional in every sense. Book her now."


"Having worked with some of the finest vocalists this country has to offer, I can truly say that Kelly Auty is up there with the best of them. All the great singers will amaze you with their talent. Kelly can also teach you how it's done. Magnificent across many genres, Kelly Auty has taught me more about singing in one afternoon than I'd learned in the previous decade."

Singing Student

"Kelly is both a very professional trainer and performer She is able to encourage, motivate and develop a persons skills in both life coaching and performance. She is a strong resilient woman/goddess! She is also a warm and caring human being"

Professional Musician, USA

"It was a delight having Kelly Auty sing background vocals with me on my 2014 Australian tour. On very short notice she learned the parts perfectly and delivered them all with that sassy Kelly Auty sound. Kelly is professional and fun to work with - can't wait for the next time!"

Rhythms Magazine

Another of Melbourne’s gems from its treasure trove of respected female singers, Kelly Auty has produced a superb solo release. She has formerly won praise for her ‘Wild Women’ one woman show and as one quarter of the Gospel Belles. ‘Falling for you’ captures the intimate warmth and charm of Auty’s live vocals. She’s equally at home across the neighbourhood of soul, blues, gospel, jazz and country with rocking crossovers between. It’s a comfortable mix revealing Auty’s impressive vocal range.

Auty contributed to the writing of all but three of the twelve tracks. She sings of real relationships, beyond hearts and flowers, through all their unexpected twists and turns. She’s up front, upbeat and totally in command at the microphone.

Standout tracks ‘Everything to me’ (with toe tapping mandolin) and ‘Baby’s beck and call’ are vibrant and infectious. ‘Come Dance’ is lightly continental with Auty singing parts in French. Songs offering country comfort seal the deal with ‘go to’ pedal steel wiz Garrett Costigan on board. Further layers come via horns (Paul Williamson, Paul Dooley and Brian Kemp), piano, grass roots rhythms and Brenden Mason’s guitars.

Auty first developed her craft around campfires in the Kimberley, which may have inspired her big bold vocals balanced with an appealing sweetness. An absolute joy.

The Courier, Ballarat

"Wild Women is a CD version of Kelly's brilliant stage tour of the same name. Auty is an icon with a solid fan base..."

Festival and Events Coordinator

"SENSATIONAL! Kelly Auty and her Wild Women Show were simply spectacular. Kelly was so personable and engaged with the audience from the minute she walked onto the stage. in the first act, Kelly represented the women of song with respect and integrity. In act two, she belted out the numbers from the 50's and 60's with such high energy and passion and brought the audience to their feet  at the end of the show in a standing ovation. Her encore led to another standing ovation and great crowd at the show she presented the next day- Saints and Sinners. Kelly is a professional through and through and her quality performance, along with such experienced musicians to back her, combined to deliver a show that was outstanding"

Inpress Magazine

"Kelly possesses a solid gold larynx and must surely be one of the hottest singers on the Australian Scene"

Goulburn Blues Festival

"Kelly Auty's Wild Women Show in the Soldiers last night was packed to capacity with an ecstatically appreciative audience.  Kelly's knock-um-dead voice and lightening costume changes wowed us all and she received more than one standing ovation for her tribute show to the great female artists over the years"

Beat Magazine

“Kelly has a strong, soulful voice. One artist I would crawl over broken glass to hear"