Kelly Auty


Falling For You - (2013, Digital Download + CD)

Another original release from a loved Australian songbird. Country Tex-Mex meets Rock & Soul Blues. Dynamic and Beautiful!

Kelly Auty - Live 2016 - (2016, Digital Download + CD)

Live Recordings of Kelly's popular Wild Women Show songs. Renowned for passionate performances that leave audiences cheering and wanting more, Kelly sings live favorites from such greats as Joni Mitchell, Annie Lennox and Tina Turner.

Kelly's Blues - (2018, Digital Download only)

The Kelly Auty Band won the MBAS 2017 Band Challenge and this was the impetuous for this gutsy original live production, so that the band have a new album for their travels to USA mid-Jan 2018 to compete in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA.

Mademoiselle Chante - (2009, Digital Download only)

The haunting but beautiful streets of Paris, the rich history and icons like Edith Piaf and the delicious sound of the language in song inspired this album.

"Oh to be in Paris, under a moonlit sky, singing on a street corner for you, with my minstrel friends as people pass by" - Kelly Auty