Review of “Big Gold Sun” performed by Kelly Auty

Big Gold Sun” is a Kelly Auty album that I am particularly fond of; because it showcases the fact that her wonderful vocal talents are equally on display, regardless of the style or genre of the music itself. It is also an album that highlights her great songwriting ability.

“Pearl” is a rollicking, almost vaudevillian number that is a sharp contrast to the slow, soothing “Misty Blue”. But it is on “Rather Go Blind” that Kelly really demonstrates her blues credentials; to me, her last line of that song sums up just what blues is all about in the very last phrase! “Doin’ It Right” is a smiley face house rocking number that provides an appropriately big finish to the collection.

Kelly Auty is a performer of the highest order. The depth of feeling that she conveys through her music puts her right up there with Billie Holiday and Etta James.

Alan Edwards (Musical Australiana)
103.9 Seymour FM